KAAP pakt uit met straffe double bill

February 17, 2018

Op vrijdag 23 februari kan je in De Werf genieten van het betere danswerk. KAAP presenteert die avond een intrigerende dubbele programmatie waarin dans tweemaal flirt met live muziek. Natalia Pieczuro brengt er de première van haar eerste solovoorstelling This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards die ze uitwerkte met leden van de bekende post-metalband Amenra. Daarna pakt Charlotte Goesaert uit met Loophole waaraan stemkunstenaar Joost Maaskant en performer Evangelos Biskas meewerkten. BLVRD besloot internationaal te gaan en trok naar Brussel om de Belgisch-Poolse Natalia Pieczuro te interviewen. In English of course!




Natalia, you are originally from Poland, but you have been living and working in Belgium for a longer time. What initially motivated your move to Brussels?

Yes. That’s true. After my studies I was searching for a place that could become my home, that would inspire me both artistically and personally – a place to live.  Belgium is a very significant point on the world map of dance. The majority of the companies I admire and respect were and are based here. Dance has always been a great part of my life and I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t wrong: Brussels has been my home for seven years.


This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards is your first creation as a solo artist. How long have you been working on this project and do you remember how its initial concept first came to you?

Yes, it’s my first solo creation, thought there were some small steps leading up to it like in.side.out with help of Dance Centrum Jette. The idea for This Kind ... was born over two years ago. It came from inner feeling and need. To put it simple: the time had come and I knew it had to be done. I think it was ‘sitting’ inside me for a longer while, though.


In what ways was working on this solo project different from working on your previous collaborations?

Well, it’s slightly different to work ‘for and with yourself’ and ‘for or with others’. I decided to do this solo because of a strong inner feeling that it had to be done and shared. It was an inner calling, known very well to all those artists that create from the heart and soul. I’m not alone in this and in this sense it’s nothing original. Of course it’s possible (and necessary) to have this feeling while working for or with others, but you need to search for it, tune into it. I believe one should always ask oneself: ‘Why I am on stage right now?’ In this case I didn’t need to ask. I knew. Someone might say ‘I’m on stage because I love to dance.’ Well that’s great. If you love something, there is a big chance it’s worth sharing it. Someone else might need more as motivation. It all depends.



"I believe one should always ask oneself:

Why I am on stage right now?

In this case I didn’t need to ask."



I try to speak in a language so that maybe you don’t know what I’m saying, you don’t know the words exactly, but it gets to you and you feel something. Does that make sense?

The production is described as ‘a work in progress inspired by the moments that make one feel alive’. To what degree is This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards based on specific personal experiences?

Totally. To be clear: I understand experience on different levels. The piece is based on things that happened to me, certain accidents, but also on stories of people close to me. Next to this, I can also say that a book I read ‘happened’ to me – I read it and experienced it. I stay close to personal experience, but there is also something bigger. It is difficult to put into words, but let’s call it ‘transcendent’; something raw, primitive, instinctive, that is inside each of us. A common ground. I try to speak in a language so that maybe you don’t know what I’m saying, you don’t know the words exactly, but it gets to you and you feel something. Does that make sense?


Two of the three musicians working with you on this project are from the Belgian post-metal band Amenra. How did this partnership come about?

I work with three musicians: Colin H. van Eeckhout and Mathieu van de Kerckhove from Amenra and Bjørn Lescouhier. It was Colin who brought the others into the project. I knew I needed music that goes through your bones and speaks when you can’t find the words.  Amenra’s music was the initial inspiration and a trigger point that directed me towards Colin. I was lucky to meet him and we decided to collaborate together.


For the performance in Bruges, only drummer Bjørn Lescouhier will accompany you. Is this a deliberate creative choice or is this due to more practical issues?

It’s both: It’s a process of creation and understanding and getting to know each other. I wished that everyone in this process would be given their space. Of course there are limitations of possibilities and because of these practical reasons, we decided to try a short version with each of the musicians. The ‘core’ remains Colin; he is the one with whom all this stared. Now there’s the premiere with Bjørn. Who knows, maybe in the future I will have a pleasure to perform with just Mathieu. It’s always the same piece, but different at the same time.  It’s the same sky, but with different weather.  It is as if the different versions where the shadows. We are all shadows in a way. And I mean this in a positive way.



Wanneer: Vrijdag 23 februari
Uur: 19:30
Locatie: KAAP | De Werf Werfstraat 108
Prijs: €11 vvk | €13 add



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